Friday, March 28, 2008


It was another early morning. Brett took Antonio and I to another Habitat site on the West Bank. The people that were working there like to call it the "Best Bank." When we got to the site there was only one volunteer team there. They called themselves "Team Tay." Tay was one of their classmates. She had cancer since she was 6, and one of her goals was to do this Habitat project in New Orleans. She died last month, and all of her classmates wanted to come for her. There was a man in a kilt, with his bag pipes playing a song for the team. It put me in tears. Once the other group showed up i noticed that three girls has crawfish hats on. They were very interesting hats. Then realizing they were from Gustavus! This whole group was alot of fun, they started out their morning playing a "hand" game, not sure what it was called.
After we were done shooting at Habitat, we picked up a few others at the hotel and headed for the Cemetery. I wanted to go with because I hadn't seen them yet. It was so hot out, and with the white stone bouncing the sun, i tried to stay in the shade as much as i could. We met a grave digger, if they are even called those anymore. It was his first week on the job. After the Cemetery we met up with the Editorial class at the park to have a picnic. It was our job to stop at Wal-Mart and pick up lunch. Brett gave us a $30 budget and we walked out of there with $85. OOPS! We had the rest of the day to ourselves which was really nice! I fell asleep while my pictures were downloading onto my computer. Us girls wanted to go shopping so we headed down Chartres St. and ended up on Canal. The last stop was to Cafe Du Monde (i think) to get the fried donuts Colleen had mentioned at the beginning of the trip. We got them for tomorrow breakfast but had to eat one while they were still hot. For dinner, a few of us decided we should go to Jaun's Flying Burrito, since we didn't get to go the first night we were here. We were planning on taking the bus, and it never came. So we started walking thinking that the bus would come eventually, but it didn't. Half way there we found out the everyone was else was already at the restaurant (thanks for calling us.) So we all got to sit at the same table. Tomorrow our plan is to go on a Swamp Tour and see some gators!


Art Institutes International Minnesota said...

This picture is superb. What a great day.

Michelle said...

Hey Jess,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and your images. It really sounds like you all had a good experience in NOLA and I can't wait to see all your hard work!