Monday, March 31, 2008


One day to sleep in, 7:30am! Saturday night at dinner, while playing operator, we were told we had to be down in the lobby at 10am. Somehow, it got changed to 9:30am? No phone call guys? We packed in our soccer mom vans and headed to the airport. Interesting car ride there... Our plane left New Orleans and headed for Dallas, except the plane showed up an our late. Well we missed our flight from Dallas to Minneapolis which caused CHAOS. I don't even want to explain in detail. 5 people got on a plane, and the rest flew to Arkansas, spent the night, and had a crappy day in Chicago because mother earth likes to snow. ugh. I'm not blogging for Monday because we spent the entire day in the airport and I got crabby. And i'm home now.

Otherwise, it was a fantastic trip, I didn't want to leave! I'm really excited to see how everyone's essays come together! Thanks for the trip everyone!!

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