Monday, March 31, 2008


AH, now that i am home, this might be hard to do. Let see. We started off the day with a swamp tour, of course, no one could get in the vans by 7:45 like we were supposed to, so we got there 5 minutes late. stupid. but we still made it, and we left bethany behind on the dock! The best part of that tour was seeing a 13 foot gator eat marshmallows! After the tour we got dropped off where americorp volunteers were planting trees. It was the editorial class assignment but somehow all the essay kids were there too. It was hot out, and Brett planted a tree. Our class gathered in one of the "galleries" on the block and decided it would be a good idea to be done shooting for the day. Then we ended up in the 9th ward taking more pictures. I got yelled at by a certain someone and started crying (picture above). It started downpouring, and we met a man who stayed through the storm, then gave him money. Finally we got back to the hotel and slept for 2 hours! We wanted to have a group dinner for the final night so we ended up at Crecent City Grill ( i think ). Afterwards a few of us ended the night on Bourbon Street. Let's get ready for Sunday!

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